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Rumer - Seasons of my Soul - A New Classic

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Quiet and truly soulful, this album certainly suits my current mood.

Comprising ten original tracks and three memorable covers the 2010 release has found a place at the top of my playlist over the last few months. It might just be the radio and TV channels that I consume, but so far I have yet to see or hear anything about this album or the UK singer here in Australia.

I picked up this CD on a recent visit to New Zealand. Walking down the hill from the top of Queen street at No. 438 I wondered into a large shop selling all manner of retro items.

As if the name itself "Real Groovy" was not enough to entice me in, the store stocked retro and vintage clothes, books and other collectables. After browsing through the Sci-Fi and music books on display I found my way to the huge CD section and began to flip through the racks.

While picking up albums by "The Legendary Shack Shakers" and "Dimitri from Paris" I was struck by the music being played in the background. Hanging around in stores like this and listening to what the staff recommend has payed great dividends over the years.

In this case I was mesmerised by the distinctive cover versions of "The Goodbye Girl", "Alfie" and "It Might be You" (From the movie "Tootsie", I recognised this as a cover but could not immediatly place it.)  At the same time the songs were so familiar and the arrangement and voice sounded so classic and clean I was sure it must have been a new cover album by some big name star or even some lost recordings from Dusty Springfield in her reflective period.

Anyway, with assistance from the young lady with the appropriate number of facial piercings and slightly faded pink hair I looked at the album only to discover it was a new recording from an artist I had not yet heard of. I added this album to my purchases and have been enjoying it ever since.

I do love the covers. They were the first things that drew me to the album and they continue to strike a chord when I hear them. However the ten original tracks are also something special and would make this a worthwhile purchase by themselves.

So have a listen to some of the material from this new big name star. (except in Australia) and if you are even in Auckland be sure to drop in at "Real Groovy" and listen to what they are playing.



Real Groovy - Auckland NZ 

 Official Rumer Website


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