About this Blog

I consider my taste in Music to be broad. With over 50,000 tracks in my collection most genres are represented. I'll admit that some genres are less well represented than others and that as it has been assembled over many years my collection is slightly biased away from the latest new sensation.

I am always searching for the new or unusual, it's just that I may find this in the popular music of another country or in the past catalogs of some faded stars. People often (well at least once) ask me where I find the music I play. The answer is that I'm always on the lookout for music (or fashion) wherever I go. Unlike fashion I don't have the limitation of having to find something in my size with music so the collection continues to grow.

I often fill out my collection with more of the albums of artists I like. I also make extensive use of the "recommends" features on music sites and blogs where albums are highlighted based on previous purchases by other fans of the same music. I always take time to check out any music store I pass and check out what is playing and what is in the bargain bin. I've even been known to select an album just based on the album cover. (with interesting results)

So this blog is just a brief note about the music I'm currently listening to plus the story of where I first heard or purchased the album. I you want to join in, fee free to leave a comment or send me an email. If you want to join the site and start posting your own articles just let me know.

Stephen Brown