Sunday, November 20, 2011

Leah Flanagan - Ukulele Diva

Over the past few years there have been two music quiz shows on Australian TV. They have their differences. Spicks and Specks on ABC has more comedy and Rockwiz on SBS perhaps is a little more earnest about its music credentials.

Both have been great sources for new music for me. Being over a certain age I don't listen to a lot of radio that showcases new talent and I don't frequent music festivals. Last night on "Rockwiz" (the bit I saw before falling asleep) I was introduced to Leah Flanagan, singer/songwriter of immense talent.

She performed an original song September Song (Video) and accompanied herself on electric ukelele. By itself this performance triggered the usual single minded web search to find out more about her and locate her music on the web.

On her website I found this quote:-

"Leah Flanagan is a flash from the past, in the style of Maria Muldaur and Bonnie Raitt, as she dances and sings her way into your heart as she heads for what I believe will be a promising future. Who could not be charmed by a beautiful woman, strumming a lovely ukulele and singing her own thoughtful yet care free songs. I am a Leah Flanagan fan and encourage you to be one as well. "


When talking about care free songs with a lazy tropical feel there is no greater authority and I have to agree 100 percent with Jimmy's assessment. (except I didn't see much of the dancing bit)

I found reference to two albums that had been released:-

"Leah Flanagan Band" - Leah's debut album. Available on as an import and available on her website as a download.

The sample tracks I listened to were of varied styles but all had the quality I had heard in the performance last night. For me the stand out track was Tipsy Tango. But then I've always been a fan of that style from Argentina

I resisted the temptation to order this CD. More so I have something still on my wish list for next week.

The second and more recent album is "Nirvana Nights" and this contained the track "September Song" which had originally captured my interest.

This Album is available on as an import but is also currently available on iTunes as a download. Being a naturally impatient person I opted for the download. I would normally have checked the local stores for a copy but at 7:00 on a Sunday morning this was just too long a wait.

Download complete I took to listening to the Album start to finish. None of the tracks disappointed. Leah's voice and songwriting carried them all through their various styles.

Stand outs are :-

Track 1 - First Class Lovers
Track 5 - September Song
Track 9 - Nirvana Nights

If I track down the debut album during the week I will add that to my collection, otherwise next week I will need to make a decision about where to order it from. 

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