Saturday, October 12, 2013

I'm back...well sort of

After a long hiatus...which corresponds to getting back back to full-time employment. I have determined to get back to posting...if not on a regular basis at least every now and then.

As well as Music I have previously commented on some of the place I have traveled.

This first toe back into the waters of blogging is travel related.

Firstly here is a map showing places I have been. Still a lot of territory left to cover..Interesting that this app seems to count each individual US state as a country?

Get Your Own MapView Larger Map

I'll admit there are many places I don't feel like visiting. And a few places I would like to visit but they will have to put in some four star hotels (at least) first.

And that's it for this first post in over a year...more soon, just not too soon.

Leave a comment on any places you have traveled or want to travel.