Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Apple wants to give me (and you) a new iPod Nano

Nearly 6 years ago now the iPod nano (1st Generation) was the new sensation from apple.

I bought one. It was my first iPod. It was small, light and with the 4GB Model held a serious number of tracks and playlists. It was perfect for snow skiing as well.

I've been in love with iPods ever since. This original tall thin white version has been handed round our family since 2005 and somehow has survived to still be in use today.

Now Apple have announced there is a potential manufacturing defect with the battery that requires the recall of this model. So I've packed up and sent in the old workhorse (all pre-paid by apple) and am expecting a brand new iPod nano in the post.

 Even smaller than the original with at least 8GB of storage all at no charge. Certainly the best tech deal I've been offered today.

So if you have a 1st generation nano check out this link from apple to see if you qualify for a free replacement.


P.S.  I was out at a local mall when I mentioned this to my wife on the day I read about it on-line. Her suggestion was that we call in at the apple store to inquire further. I know it is mean of me, but I did enjoy the look of confusion on the face of the staff when we asked the question. Just another "Big Bang Theory" moment at the apple genius bar :)

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