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Margaritaville Casino in Las Vegas - In the Flamingo - part of the Casino is now Parrot themed!

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  1. I have a new Music video recorded at Roskilde Music Festival - good times, outdoors, sun and nice people... (and its a good song too...) - There is also a brand new album on the web site!

    I have produced for tv-series, had hits on the radio and now I'm training to be a civil engineer working with enviromental improvements of product design, paying my way through college with my music (and a little help from my friends).


    Band website with the new album:

  2. Thanks for the links, The video does have a summer feel.

    I'm happy to post links on this blog. Can you give me any more background on the band or the album ?

    Your Name ?

    Also a link to how the music can be purchased ?