Monday, June 11, 2012

Still Stuck in the B's - This Week in Anniversaries

Believe me I do appreciate the irony of this post. I know I only have myself to blame for the near constant touring of bands that now need their bus fitted with all manner of assisted living gear. For the constant re-issues of classic albums in different formats and packaging.

After all I'm the person that goes to some of those concerts and I'm certainly the one who buys all of those repackaged versions of songs from my long ago past. There are a few albums where I have at one time or another purchased two copies of the original vinyl (they were scratched, lost or sold to fund an overseas trip), The CD from when it was first released on CD. The CD from when the discs were remastered recently, the DVD 5.1 version and the Hi-Res 192/24 download. I'll even admit I'm now looking longingly at the Newly Remastered - Collectors Edition Box set of Paul McCartney's RAM:-

  • 5 disc (4 CD, 1 DVD) in deluxe packaging, plus two digital-only bonus tracks
  • The original 12-track album, remastered at Abbey Road Studios in London
  • 8 bonus audio tracks
  • Remastered 12-track mono album
  • Remastered Thrillington album
  • DVD featuring previously unreleased and exclusive content including the brand-new Ramming documentary as well as original music videos
  • Downloadable 24bit 96kHz high resolution audio versions of the remastered album and bonus audio tracks (via download card)
  • 112 page book with scrapbook insert, plus photo prints, handwritten lyrics and mini photo book
  • Box Set also includes digital-only premium membership access to
  • Digital download of 22 tracks and all video material
  • Download Access included to facilitate the download of large files
  • Add an exclusive RAM re-issue t-shirt plus an exclusive 20" x 16" RAM lithograph
But I digress.

This week I heard on the radio a fair bit about the 40th anniversary of Davis Bowie's "Ziggy Stardust and the stone spiders from Mars" album.  A few comments from different announcers and a few tracks (well one really, they all played "Starman") 

There was also talk of a Beach Boys 50th anniversary tour. (all except for Dennis and Carl Wilson on account of them being deceased) complete with new album. I've listed to some tracks from the album and I guess it says something that even I will not buy it. I would go to see Brian and the band do their old hits but not in a 10,000 seat venue.

I know I was going to say something else in this post originally but all I can think of now is :-

Where is my Anniversary - remastered - collection edition box set of Ziggy Stardust?

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